Real Estate Industry

Real estate capital markets and real estate management – these are our core competencies. Our real estate executive search team (RESES) has been providing executive and specialist staffing solutions to the real estate industry for nearly 20 years. This comprehensive consulting expertise is further strengthened by having consultants with experience in operational positions within the various sectors of the real estate industry.


By consistently following our own path and employing an original and sustainable method of market research and candidate acquisition, we are now recognised as one of the most qualified and effective providers to our market.

Our long and consistent involvement with the market gives us a clear advantage over the majority of our competitors – things are always growing.

Our database provides over 25,000 pre-evaluated real estate specialists from all management levels and all real estate operational segments, who know and appreciate our distinctive 'approach'. Our assignment fields include: funds and investment, portfolio and asset management, acquisitions and sales, property and facility management, centre management, development and construction, rental, finance and accounting, valuation and consulting, tax and legal, and others.


Working closely with people.

We are an exclusive boutique search company and a high-quality provider to our market. We work closely with people and comprehensively represent the personality of all our candidates.

At the interface between real estate companies and real estate specialists, we help support real estate professionals realise their career goals. Our job applications are as individual as our customers. By following the principle of convergence, by bringing together what belongs together, we really excel at fitting the right person to the right job. In Germany, we are familiar with almost all the leading personalities from both 'camps'. We speak with these individuals regularly just as one would talk to a fellow office worker. This gives us extraordinary industry acceptance and many commendations, which almost always pays off for our customers.

The result: long-term partnerships with leading German investment companies and project developers, innovative asset management companies and the most prominent investment consultants, as well as primary investors.

If you are in Germany, you know us. Those who come to Germany, find us. Market participants from abroad and globally operating investment companies all rely on our expertise.

Contact us anytime! We will be happy to talk to you and introduce you to our unique approach.

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