Interim Management


You not only want your business to stay on course, but also set off for new horizons while continually positioning your company to stay ahead of the competition. But what if rapidly evolving markets, new legal requirements or specific internal circumstances present you, your managers and employees with challenges that can't be overcome quickly enough with the necessary know-how?

Interim management: focus on core competencies!


Think interim: whether you're experiencing a shortage of staff, need temporary management or help with project tasks, you can rely on the expertise of our interim managers. We provide temporary expertise tailored to your specific needs. Our core competencies in interim management include:

  • Real estate industry: in addition to our core business – real estate executive search (RESES), we also provide interim managers for all types of assignments in the real estate industry (more in our recruiting) section)
  • Operational and building energy and sustainability management: we put you in contact with qualified project managers, controllers and team leaders – for business and technical energy controlling, energy contracting, planning, and implementation of energy concepts, sustainability certifications, etc.
  • Commercial functions: we work together with a wide range of industries with experienced interim managers in the areas of bookkeeping / accounting (IFRS), controlling, auditing, finance, taxation and legal, among others.
  • Human resources management: we provide cross-sector interim managers for staff and line functions in the areas of recruitment, human resources management, personnel management, personnel development and legal.

Stay successful!

Entrepreneurial success requires decisive action, but also vision, experience and prudence. Our interim managers can help you to respond to urgent challenges.

Keep up!

Safeguard your company's achievements through cooperation with interim managers from von Arnim Personalberatung:

  • Optimisation of processes
  • Ensuring formal, professional and technical quality standards
  • Implementation of new legal provisions, guidelines and requirements
  • Implementation of technical innovations
  • Implementation of modern management structures
  • Modernisation of your human resources management

Go further!

When it comes to the efficient implementation of your strategy, our interim managers can be there with you right at the start, for example with:

  • Development of new business areas
  • Expansion planning and establishment of new locations
  • Personnel development and qualification
  • Corporate structuring and succession planning

Celebrate success. Manage crises. And use them!

Safeguard your ability to act and the future viability of your business through professional crisis and change management. Our interim managers are at your side to develop opportunities from crises, for example:

  • Planning and implementation of change management processes
  • Restructurings (company law, product technology, employee rights)
  • Support with audits
  • Bridging personnel shortages of executive and specialist positions

Wise from experience: the right personality for your organisation

We know from experience that not only is technical know-how crucial to the success of the a project, but you and your interim partner must also work together from the outset as a team. Therefore, we make sure our interim managers have the personality and management skills to move successfully within your organisation right from the start.

Erfahren Sie mehr zu unserem Auswahlverfahren im Interim Management und im Executive Search unter Methoden.

Know-how and efficiency: overview of your benefits

The extensive experience of our interim managers gives you key advantages:

  • Versatile experience from assignments in corporations, medium-sized and family-owned businesses, but also in start-ups or public sector companies
  • An objective outside perspective, fresh input for the specific circumstances of your company, and the transfer of know-how and current specialist knowledge
  • Efficiency, neutrality and impartiality through their commitment to a successful project based on a fixed-term contract
  • Efficiency through transparent cost calculations for special projects and flexibility of assignments to adapt to a project's requirements
Contact Person

Robert Kain

Head of Interim Management

Robert Kain studierte an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Geschichte, Philosophie und Soziologie. Er arbeitete in verschiedenen Archiven in Berlin und Brandenburg, u. a. im Politischen Archiv des Auswärtigen Amtes der Bundesrepublik Deutschland sowie beim international agierenden privatwirtschaftlichen Archivdienstleister Iron Mountain DISOS. Seit dem Jahr 2000 ist er für die von Arnim Personalberatung tätig. Als langjähriger Leiter des Büros unterstütze er kompetent und erfolgreich die Geschäftsleitung im Business-Development. Herr Kain ist nunmehr als Projektmanager im Unternehmen tätig.