Networking events

Getting acquainted not just making contacts!

The real estate industry is dependent on market and target group-oriented thinking and acting. Decision makers and executives are facing an ever faster growing series of new trends and challenges. Therefore, information sharing and cooperation are more important than ever.


The PropertyLunch® provides the perfect platform for this. Launched in Berlin in January 2002, this series of events is today operated by von Arnim Personalberatung GmbH & Co. KG and is considered one of the most interesting real estate industry networking events. Meanwhile, well over 1,000 events have taken place within the framework of the PropertyLunch® in many real estate hotspots throughout Germany and Europe.

As a participant at a PropertyLunch® you benefit from an extensive range of regular events for establishing and maintaining your career network. Gain ideas and suggestions for your business, exchange experiences with colleagues from the upper echelons of various companies in the construction and real estate industry, and find the right connections for your projects! The series of events and the associated network service are also continuously being developed by von Arnim Personalberatung.

There are many networking events – but the valuable contacts are made here!

PropertyLunch® events are unique information and networking meetings. Three key components make these meetings one of the industry's main networking event:

  1. The sharing of a meal is always regarded as a good basis for a successful working relationship. PropertyLunch® events are always held in pleasant surroundings (usually five-star standard) and feature an exquisite three-course menu.
  2. A short talk from an industry expert provides the thematic focus for each PropertyLunch®. Based on the subject of the talk, like-minded participants meet and listen to suggestions, discuss ideas, and ultimately, initiate joint projects.
  3. The events enable a select group of decision-makers from the real estate industry to become acquainted with one another. Participants are also guaranteed to make several valuable business contacts. The process of getting to know one another is facilitated by an initial round of introductions.
Contact Person

Ralf Haase


Mit der Personalberatung habe ich als Endvierziger in der Tat meine berufliche Bestimmung gefunden. Mein jahrzehntelanges Wirken und Leben als Networker par exellence, das u.a. die prominente Veranstaltungsreihe Property Lunch® hervorgebracht hat, mündet nun in ein Betätigungsfeld, das man als Königsdisziplin des Netzwerkens bezeichnen kann: Menschen und Unternehmen zusammenbringen, Fach- und Führungskräfte beim Aufbau ihrer beruflichen Verbindungen begleiten.

Grundsätzlich bin ich Generalist und habe dieses Wesen durch mein mit besten Ergebnissen absolviertes Landwirtschaftsstudium und die jahrelange berufliche Tätigkeit als Unternehmensberater und Immobilien-Projektentwickler immer leben dürfen. Meine Erfahrung im Umgang mit Menschen, eine jahrzehntelang trainierte Fähigkeit zu vernetztem Denken und die mir eigene Empathie machen mich als Headhunter erfolgreich. Denn es kommt nicht nur darauf an, viele passende Fachleute zu kennen, sondern auch den richtigen Charakter zu finden.